David Bryant, BSc, Cert Ed has been described as a 'renaissance man': wildlife photographer, teacher, lecturer, ex-naval officer, rock guitarist, published artist, author and the UK's only full-time professional meteorite dealer, he has had what could be considered a full life! This is reflected in the breadth of content of these four books, which range from the UFO phenomenon, the Apollo lunar missions, ghosts, religious apparitions to evolution, planetary astronomy and the formation of the Universe!

David has been widely published on many topics including
natural history, meteoritics, climate change and ornithology.




My latest book concerns itself with the way that politics and the media have hijacked science and subverted it for their own purposes. If you control what people hear, see and read, you control their entire belief system! If, through control of education, you can also erode people's analytical powers and make them virtually uncritical, so much the better!


As some of you may know, I have been a researcher and lecturer on paranormal topics for many years: 'The Conspiracy Conspiracy' is the fourth title in the present series.


Foreword by Ray Kohn, world-renowned sociologist,
musician, composer and educationalist.





David's third book is astronomy-centred and reviews - and challenges -
current scientific opinions connecting major extinction events and
massive impacts that have occurred in the past.

Contentious, ground-breaking, but eminently readable!

Foreword by Dr. Rob Bryant, one of the world's leading
organic chemists.






This, David's second book, examines the Orb Phenomenon and
considers how orbs may have influenced mankind's evolution.

The book brings together evidence and opinion from the fields of
psychology, quantum mechanics, archaeology, theology, and

Foreword by Rev Lionel Fanthorpe, famed author and
Fortean TV presenter.




David's first book in this series looks for reasons why NASA has failed
to achieve space missions beyond low Earth orbit since the Apollo 17
mission in 1972 - if they ever have!

The result of over 15 years research and meetings with
thirty astronauts (including seven Moonwalkers!) this
book may just make you think again about what you
read in the newspapers or watch on TV!

Foreword by Nick Pope, author, lecturer who once ran
the MoD UFO desk.



Just to say:
1) I have never told a 'reporter' that I'd discussed the
Black Knight object with any astronauts: don't beleve everything you read in the tabloids, or on Wikipedia! I have discussed the UFO phenomenon with plenty of them, however!

2) I do have a degree in Astronomy and Biology and make my living from lecturing about meteorites, writing about them and selling them!

3) My interest in the paranormal goes back forty years to the time I spent working with legendary author and researcher
R Lionel Fanthorpe.

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